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    4 Eberswalder Stra?e, Berlin 10437, Berlin, Germany

    The Black German Education Media & Culture Archive Type

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    AFROTAK TV cyber nomads was founded in 2001?and is a non-profit, politically independent, development poli tsche initiative?for education, media, arts, culture and ecology?with a focus on migration and integration and is based in Berlin.?We are renowned for being an expert?and talc guests?on issues of development cooperation?invited for media and cultural events.?The initiative was launched under the name of cyber nomads.

    AFROTAK TV cyber nomads committed to an equal partnership between Africa and Europe and for the emancipation of migrants and people of color, the African Diaspora in Germany, as well as for equality between women and men

    AFROTAK TV cyber nomads offer the initiatives of black Germans, African-Europ?er_innen and Afriker_innen a platform for your perspective of Germany, Europe and Africa, which complement the prevailing perspectives of white Expert_innen and there where replace needed a more realistic picture of our existence in the world to draw and so in small steps helping to lead this world into an ecologically sustainable future worth living.



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