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    Grow & Trade With B.C.S.

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    Who we are. ?AMARI K. STRINGFIELD is the Executive Director of B.C.S.
    A Former Series 3 Commodities Broker and Commodity Pool Operator, AMARI has over 10 years experience successfully speculating in the futures markets. ?

    B.C.S. is focused on the trading of physical commodities -?primarily of West African origin - though we do advise clients on prudent hedging in the futures markets as well as successful entrance into Private Placements. ?We have offices in Germany, as well as Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Mali. ?In general West Africa as a whole is bursting with incredible opportunity for the intelligent investor. ?Copper Ore, lead,? precious metals and various agriculture products are just a few of the commodities we can provide directly from the producer. ?

    Client oriented services. ?We provide our Clients with?impeccable privacy and confidentiality throughout their business experience with B.C.S. ?Under no circumstances will client data be shared with third parties.? We have the competency to work directly with heads of government in the African nations to build financial bridges to greater economic development.? All of our client solutions are custom - designed to fit your unique opportunity. ?We at B.C.S. are pleased to announce our first Private Placement offering.? We are inviting a select group of sophisticated investors to participate in this P.P.? B.C.S. will issue Performance Linked Notes which will reflect our growing success in the physical trade of commodities.? These trades are the result of years of relationship building and market research that have culminated in an outstanding opportunity for wealth creation.? The initial qualified investors with fortitude required for this Private Placement will experience fantastic Alpha returns.? The private placement will be followed with the P.L.N.'s being listed on a major European Exchange complete with ISIN for trading.? All profits resulting from this P.P. and resulting P.L.N. listing will be Tax-Free!? Contact us today to learn how you can participate in the initial round of our Private Placement offering.????


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